Beyond Lil B And His Cat Keke: A History Of Rapping Animals

Lil B and Keke

Last week, bizarro rapper Lil B released what he claimed was the first song to feature a real live animal rapping when he recorded his domestic short-hair Keke and uploaded the footage to YouTube. (Warning: You probably need to be hopped up on some sort of special ADHD medicine to appreciate its nuances.) Before Lil B brought his cat to the studio though, there exists an esteemed history behind the idea of rapping animals, whether through the wonders of animation or impersonation. Here's a quick play-session through the vault.

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Biz Markie's Cat (1986)

While heralding the talents of Roxanne Shante, "Def Fresh Crew" was underpinned by Biz Markie's beat-boxing and came complete with a section where he imitated a cat meowing. It sounds like manna compared to Lil B and Keke's cacophony.

MC Skat Kat (1989)

An early cornerstone of the form, Paula Abdul employed the services of MC Skat Kat to perk up her "Opposites Attract." The animated feline's solo career never really sparked, although you'd get even money on his Stray Mob Kat coming off victorious in a rap battle against Chief Keef and pet pal Lil Mouse.

Messrs Crocodile, Squirrel, Fish and Monkey (1989)

In which De La Soul's Pos and Dove enjoy a rapped fable that involves being given sagely advice from the formally-named characters Mr. Crocodile, Mr. Squirrel, Mr. Fish and Mr. Monkey. For maximum animal-rap synergy, we've included the Mr. Fish mix of "Tread Water" for your perusal above.

MC Froggy Frog (1995)

But of course a frog-rap persona spits the catch-phrase "ribbit!"

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