Beyond Lil B And His Cat Keke: A History Of Rapping Animals

C-Bear (1996)

Cuddly wild thing alert! Taking his baritone vocals into the world of cartoon voice-over work, one-time West Coast gangsta rap chap Tone Loc blessed C-Bear with his gruff rap twang.

Poochie (1997)

Introducing Homer J. Simpson as Poochie D, the sometimes rapping dog. Gangsta City represent!

Pedro the Cardinal (2011)

Voiced by Will.i.Am, the poppy raps of Pedro the cardinal from the movie Rio come off as relatively tasteful in the grand scheme of Black Eyed Peas atrocities towards rap.

Waka Flocka Flame's Rooster (2012)

Renowned puppy fanatic Wake Flocka Flame showed his fowl side when he decided to film a flick for "Rooster in My Rari" with a giant-sized rooster. The hormone-based farming lobby missed an opportunity with this one.

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