New Amsterdam Records Badly Hit By Sandy

The beloved-yet-still-burgeoning Brooklyn fixture has created a Hurricane Relief fund to cover repairs that you can donate to here or by checks made out to "New Amsterdam" by snail mail to:

New Amsterdam
98A Van Dyke St.
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Brittelle adds, "It's a strange thing because I think all of us are fluctuating between feeling like the victim in the scenario, and also feeling kind of lucky because there are so many people in the Red Hook area who got it so much worse. I would encourage folks to head down to the Red Hook Initiative if they're interested in helping, there's still a lot of people without power or access to food and water that need all our help. People have been really compassionate for us and supportive, and I'd encourage people to help support the neighborhood."

Spread the word via New Amsterdam's Facebook page here

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