Paloma Faith - Mercury Lounge - 11/27/12

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It's amazing that Faith can give such an exceptional voice to a cabaret-worthy persona as seemingly tawdry and borderline obnoxious as hers, she who would give a Mae West or a hammered Lucille Ball a run for their money on facial expressions alone. The balance between garish and godly is a delicate one for Paloma Faith, and perfectly in between the extremes. The girl's found an exquisite spot for cinematic grandeur, naughty banter and a song to dance to no matter how shitty things get.

Critical Bias: Adele, Duffy, Amy, Kate, Marina, Bat for Lashes: I'm a full-blown auricular anglophile and I cannot be helped when it comes to infectious, feisty pop balladry from Britain.

Overheard: "This is a moment of liberation, and you have three options: Hug the person next to you, snog the person next to you or we'll all take our clothes off." I didn't spot anybody ripping their shirts off or making out after Faith ordered everyone to let loose before ripping into a rendition of "Blood, Sweat and Tears," but I'm sure everybody at the very least mentally hugged the person next to them.

Random Notebook Dump: Before triumphantly announcing that her set would clock in at 49 minutes despite the 45-minute suggestion, Faith and her band dragged her manager, Innis Ferguson, up for an impromptu birthday celebration, complete with a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday" from the room and one sugarbomb of a candlelit cake.

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Knitting Factory Brooklyn

361 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn, NY

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