Fabolous Refuses To Take the Love and Hip Hop Bait, Used To Be Called "Sport"


This game might b-b-body ya. Few artists have the capacity to stay relevant for more than a year or two in rap. Most rap careers are a sickening cliche at this point. We all scrutinize intently, witnessing the rise and (often gleefully) watching the inevitable fall followed by the banishment to "Whatever Happened To Land."

Outlasting a lot of the people he first appeared with like Nate Dogg (God rest the dead) and Lil Mo (God rest her career) John Jackson aka Fabolous is still making his rounds. With a career that dates back to the late 1990s thats quite impressive especially considering that Fab is rarely mentioned with the likes of Jay-Z and Nas as NYC's premiere lyricists. But the kid can spit, that much is undeniable. Couple that with his willingness to employ new methods of connecting with his fans like his web series and his constant Twitter updates, and you've got a good understanding how someone keeps themselves on the rap radar.

Before blowing out the candles on one of several birthday cakes he'll be enjoying for his 35th year on this planet, Fab took the time out to talk with SOTC at Greenhouse about all things New York and more specifically, Brooklyn, and his latest conquered domain, the blogosphere.

Happy Birthday Fab. You kept it really NYC celebrating in Gotham.
Yeah, I'm actually doing a few shindigs for my birthday. Some stuff goin' on in L..A. later this week to celebrate too but I wanted to celebrate in New York for my actual birthday because I'm so N.Y.

How N.Y. are you though? Where'd you go to high school?
I went to a few high schools. First I went to Art & Design for a little bit because I wanted to be a visual artist. Then I went to City AS, and finally I ended up at the old Boys and Girls High School in Bed Stuy. I'm an all around New York City dude.

You've embraced the blog life pretty enthusiastically. Why?
A lot of people don't know my feelings about shit I fuck with, they just know my music. I wanted to show where I'm from, things from my city. Like the song "SoNY." The hook is not a diss for Weezy. It's just about repping New York, standing up for New York. At the same time I'm helping heads who aren't from here to understand the hustle and bustle of the Empire State.

Why feature restaurants though?
We're actually releasing the second one this week. We're featuring RGP this time around. I just wanted to do this because a lot of people in our culuture don't know spots like that. They go to same places. So I wanted to advertise some dope parts of New York. It makes even more sense with Hurricane Sandy having hit. I want people to see the city as far as its still shining.

So did Sandy impede your ability to vote?
Not at all. In fact I drove from New Jersey to go vote in Brooklyn. I could've stayed in Jersey, but I have a thing about going to my old hood to visit. So I voted in the school across from my projects. I never had a problem out there so it feels great going back. Just seeing how excited and proud my hood is of me. I still have ties to that community. I mean, my mom still volunteers at the polls.

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