Sky Ferreira's New EP Ghost: "It's A Lot More Personal"

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The differences between your debut [20011's As If!] and Ghost are pretty pronounced--your killer voice remains, but Ghost feels a hell of a lot less poppy. What are the biggest differences between Sky Ferreira at 17 and the Sky we get to see today?
I would say that Ghost is actually me, and [As If!] was stuff I was trying out with people telling me I needed to do it. Ghost definitely reflects me musically and as a person than As If! does. It's a lot more personal.

Putting yourself out there and on the line is never easy. What's that process been like for you, having more control over your music while opening up more to your listeners?
It's a really vulnerable thing, you know? I'm really sensitive about it. I never really "blew up" before. As If! got attention, but there was tons of people watching who were just like, "Oh." Then, "Everything is Embarrassing" came out and suddenly people started paying attention, which was kind of weird. I was releasing the EP either way, but I never planned on that [response] happening.

Well, it's good to be focused on the product versus the promotion behind it, for sure.
Yeah, exactly. There's no one doing it for me. It's always been me. Even before, when people were telling me what to do, it would still be me that'd do everything.

So, where do you go from here? What's your next musical move?
At some point, I plan on getting better. [Laughs]

When you look back on the past year and your accomplishments to date, how have your personal expectations for your writing and your performance changed? We're all our own worst critics to a certain degree, but how has Ghost affected your creative process?
If I feel somewhat satisfied with something, I'll stick with it. I'm totally up for improving things and taking advice, but I hate fixing stuff--it drives me crazy, which is why I always think the demos are better.

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