Brooklyn's South Sound Studio Completely Destroyed By Sandy


Schneider was the first one back at the scene the next morning; his first clue that the situation was serious was that a dumpster had broken through the building's roll-gate. "The force of the water was so immense," he says. "Walking through the space there were full solid wood doors snapped in half, whole walls taken down."

Their metal security door was ripped in half. "It was like the Thing came running through just bashing walls," says Lamacchia.

Scott was on his way back to the space when he received a text from Schneider. It simply read "everything is gone."

Scott and Schneider have been collecting recording equipment for 20 years. "I lost a microphone from 1963," laments Scott. Schneider nods and says, "I lost a few East German microphones from before the wall came down."

Part of the reason the damage was so extensive was that the flood was a briny mixture of salt water and Gowanus sludge, a toxic cocktail for electrical equipment.

Perhaps they're still in a state of profound shock, but the South Sound guys are already able to laugh at the absurdity of their situation, joking that it looks like the Incredible Hulk smashed up their place. They say they're still completely numb, eschewing emotion (which is sure to descend later) in favor of dealing with logistics.

They plan to rebuild; they're not quite sure how yet, but the response from fellow musicians has been encouraging.

"Last night I got a text message from one of our tenants in a rehearsal room saying 'just so you know I'm going to get to you guys rent this month'," says Lamacchia. "Through all of this he was still willing to pay us rent."

But reconstructing the efforts of four collective lifetimes in music is going to take a lot of time and resources. "This makes me think about folk music, about If I had hammer I'd hammer it in the morning," says Law. "All we need is somebody to help us buy a fucking hammer."

You can donate to The South Sound here.

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