The Ten Best Concerts in New York This Weekend, 11/30/12

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Here are 10 concerts to check out this weekend, in no particular order.

Titus Andronicus
Madison Square Garden
Sunday, 8pm, $20
For their 2010 sophomore album, The Monitor, Jersey punks Titus Andronicus went big, releasing a double LP that mixed existential malaise, frontman Patrick Stickles's recent breakup, and a narrative based on the American Civil War. As the title suggests, follow-up Local Business scaled things back, keeping the band small and the songs relatively short: This time only two exceed six minutes. This all bodes well for tonight's show at Webster Hall, where the band looks to hold on to their reputation as one of the best live acts in the tristate. -- By Nick Murray

Dinosaur Jr. + Kurt Vile and the Violators
Terminal 5
Saturday, 8pm, $30/$35
Twenty-five years ago, three misfits from outside Amherst released the record that would change their lives, bringing their music to new audiences and setting the stage for a run of great albums that would extend into the mid '90s. Today, Dinosaur Jr.'s You're Living All Over Me continues reaching new audiences, with generation after generation of new bands continually trying to equal its barrage of noise and distortion and new listeners finding something liberating in J Mascis's proto-grunge self-hate. At this anniversary show, expect special guests, including Kim Gordon and Johnny Marr, to share the stage with them. With Kurt Vile and the Violators. -- By Nick Murray

'Mr. Saturday Night' w/ Tin Man + Justin Carter+Eamon Harkin
House of Yes
Saturday, 10pm, $15/$20
Tin Man explores the emotional fringes and teeth-grinding possibilities of the 303 in his releases on Absurd Recordings and sublabel Acid Test, reshaping the sinuous lines in wide-eyed ways. Newest album Neo Neo Acid is threatening and pleasant in equal measure, doling out futuristic doses of the iconic sonic signature. -- By Aaron Gonsher

Boys Noize + Spank Rock
Roseland Ballroom
Friday, 8pm, $40
Compressed crowd-pleasing riffs have made Alex Ridha omnipresent on the American festival circuit, and his most recent release as Boys Noize, Out of the Black, included a guest spot from Snoop Lion amidst the guzzling electro. As part of his first-ever live tour of America, Ridha lords over the comparatively intimate terrain of Roseland Ballroom with support from Spank Rock. -- By Aaron Gonsher

Oneohtrix Point Never
Sunday, 4pm, $12
To help victims of Hurricane Sandy, music site Pitchfork and contemporary-art museum MOMA P.S.1 have arranged today's benefit concert where all of the proceeds from ticket sales go to hurricane relief. The event's headliner, Oneohtrix Point Never, the Brooklyn-based drone duke Daniel Lopatin who will be presenting a DJ set, falls in line with the museum's experimental ethos, weaving tapestries of staticky warbles and piano pulses in whatever formation suits his mood. His latest release, Replica, contains 10 distinct, escapist tone poems with titles like "Sleep Dealer" and "Child Soldier," the latter of which sounds like he foleyed in lasers from sci-fi flicks. Strawberry-haired San Francisco-based electronic artist Holly Herndon will perform a live set of her own sound experiments, bolstered by her whispery vocals, and Ridgewood, New Jersey's, Ducktails--the event's most traditionally rock-ish artist--will DJ. Best yet, the cost of the ticket includes museum admission. -- By Kory Grow

High on Fire + Goatwhore + Primate + Lo-Pan
Bowery Ballroom
Friday, 8pm, $20
Earlier this year, stoner metallers High on Fire had to leave behind a prime slot on a mega-metal touring festival alongside Slayer, Motörhead and Slipknot because frontman Matt Pike needed to go to rehab. At the time, they had recently released their stellar sixth LP, De Vermis Mysteriis, which was getting high praise (no pun intended) from critics and fans alike. Now he and his bandmates are making up for their absence, and headlining a show that features a cabal of other heavy head turners, including Goatwhore, Primate and Lo-Pan. -- By Kory Grow

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