Woods - Music Hall of Williamsburg - 11/3/2012

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Highlights from Saturday include a rendition of longtime live-staple (and finally recorded) "Bend Beyond," a mushy, psych-folk blend of creamy guitar solos and hissing tapes, "Pushing Onlys," Sun & Shade's anthemic lead track, and "Suffering Season," one of At Echo Lake's most howling and shadowy cuts. But perhaps the best moment of the night came near the end. Before their last song, after they thanked the audience for coming out (one of the few times in the night the members actually acknowledged the crowd), my friend noted that the set had only been 40 minutes long. That quickly changed. The band launched into a blissful jam session that lasted nearly 15 minutes, and despite its length and unabashed trippiness, like most everything Woods does these days, it was structured, clean, and exactly what they wanted it to be.

Critical Bias: Earlier this year, according to Last.fm, I listened to the new Woods record 253 times in one week.

Overheard: "Everyone except the lead singer looks like they could've been picked out of an Urban Outfitters advertisement."

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Music Hall of Williamsburg

66 N. 6th St., Brooklyn, NY

Category: Music



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