Los Angeles Is To X As NYC Is To the Ramones. Discuss.

With half the album's songs clocking in at less than three minutes, Los Angeles was an darkly beautiful chronicle of L.A.'s shadow side, rife with classics like the 'Johny Hit and Run Paulene" and "The World's a Mess; It's in My Kiss." LA-centric perspective perhaps, but in 80s, New York welcomed the quartet, even though Cervenka feels a false stereotype still exists. "LA had more irreverent brats, New York seemed very serious. People would make fun of LA, that we're all comfortable in the sunshine, rich kids with pools. Of course, that's so not true, but we have not yet dispelled that rumor."

This trip to NYC and Jersey, though, Cervenka and the band are committed to Sandy-suffering citizens, joining Live Nation's "New York Cares Coat Drive," where, in exchange for a coat donation, the band will give away collectable songbooks from the late 1970's to the first 100 to donate.

While punk started as a reaction to the coming age of corporate domination and the culture of phony manipulation, says Cervenka, fans shouldn't assume that the band, on the road in middle age, have lost an iota of their original intent. As she observes, from what seems a place of still-genuine awe, "The show is the audience. They see four people, I see 800. It's beautiful."

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