11 "Minor League Rappers" We Want To Hear on Hot 97

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Action Bronson
The guy has been flying around the world doing hundreds of shows a year all the while creating some of the most humorous and detailed rhymes ever. His following is pretty strong and his lyrics got him accepted by NYC stalwarts like Large Professor.

A$AP Ferg

A star in the making, Ferg has not only been able to stand out amongst his A$AP counterparts, his popularity at A$AP shows has begun to rival Rocky's. With his videos now surpassing a million views and the "you're up next" nod from A$AP Yams, Ferg would be a great artist for Hot to "break."

Sean Price

Sean Price's shit should be on semi regular rotation. He's an OG who's had songs like "Le Flaur Le Flah Eshkoshka" playing on Hot 97 ad nauseum. Now the kid can't even get more than spin or two from anyone except Peter Rosenberg? Weak. Cool thing is, as I mentioned, Peabody isn't even tripping. But fuck that, I am!

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