11 "Minor League Rappers" We Want To Hear on Hot 97

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Another guy traveling the world booking at least 200 shows a year, with an imprint on Warner Brothers and over 36,000 copies of The Stoned Immaculate in it's first week. He has songs with Pharrell, Raekwon and Snoop and not one of them has gotten much, if any, airplay at Hot 97.


Still pretty unpolished, but he's getting his concepts together nicely. Songs like "Written In the Drums" and "Spike Lee Was My Hero" are ready for radio if Lupe's tunes are.

Dom Kennedy

When the summer comes back around and you're relaxing by the pool, I don't think there is any other rapper I want to hear on the radio, except maybe Curren$y. "1997" is way better than the flavor of moment playing for the 1,997th time.

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