11 "Minor League Rappers" We Want To Hear on Hot 97

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Danny Brown
danny brown 2.jpg
Kind of weird for daytime airplay, but with New Jersey opening it's first weed dispensary you might want to get Flex to play "Blunt After Blunt" a couple times.


Halle Berry or Hallelujah? KRIT picks both and rhymes about them with soul and a unique take that makes for not only soulful laments but uptempo wild-out anthems. he's garnered a few spins here and there, but compared to his other Def Jam label mates he might as well be independent.

Bodega Bamz

New York's latest inductee into the "minor leagues" is this East Harlem born and bred MC. He's got affiliates like A$AP bigging him up and his Tan Boys movement might be the next thing all these hypebeasts will be tattooing on their foreheads.

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