The Best Reissues of 2012

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Black Task
Black Task/Spikes to the Wall (Radio Raheem)
In the early '80s, the American Hardcore boom encouraged many a young man to pick up a guitar. All you needed was a message and a leather jacket; let talent be damned! Later on in that decade, the same phenomenon ran through the long hairs when U.K Metal acts such as Venom and Warfare showed that deafening volume and an undying allegiance to Satan trumped musical prowess and spandex any day of the week. One band that heard the horned one's call was Philadelphia's Black Task. For years, this record (released in 1985) was only known in Metal record collectors due to its raw-as-hell production and visceral musical (?) assault. Now anyone and everyone can bask in the glory of such ditties as 'Smash Your Face', 'Satan's Mother' and 'Warriors of Hell' anytime they damn well please. It's enough to make a grown man weep.

Corrosion of Conformity

Eye for an Eye (Candlelight)
Why the debut LP from '84 by these North Carolina Metal/Hardcore Punk pioneers wasn't in print for over 20 years is anybody's guess. But let's not fixate on that issue right now. Let's just be overjoyed we can rage to the boys in their innocent, developing state with not having to pay a ridiculous amount of money to own it on wax.

Wicked Lady
The Axeman Cometh (Guerssen)
When the long lost recordings of mythical early 70's British biker rock outfit Wicked Lady first surfaced sometime in the '90s, they were pretty revelatory to a generation of record collectors jaded on punk and the first stirrings of indie rock. The lame ass concept of the "guitar god" had to be re-evaluated when Wicked Lady guitarist Martin Weaver's burly fuzz tone bled through the speakers showing that a "fuck you" attitude in music existed way before anyone shoved a safety pin in their cheek or dove off a stage. The Spanish label Guerssen did up two sets of Wicked Lady recordings this year to make up for the miniscule serving given up all those years ago. Prepare to have your ass served to you on a platter, brothers and sisters.

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