Jay-Z + Coldplay = Play-Z: A Rundown of Other Oddball Mashups

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KRS-ONE and Michael Stipe

On New Year's Eve Brooklyn's Barclays Center will be alive with the monster double-bill of Coldplay and Jay-Z. Two titanic musical entities that have spent the past decade being the epicenter of their genres, their alignment for one night is sure to be a colossal way to bring in the new year. But despite their public relationship dating back to musical collaborations six years ago, some are still having a hard time wrapping their head around Coldplay and Jay-Z being musical BFFs. To assist with the acceptance, we decided to rundown a list of even-weirder cross-genre collaborations in years past that make the Play-Z Connection look mild by comparison.

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R.E.M. and KRS-ONE
"Radio Song," 1990
Blastmaster KRS-ONE has spent the past quarter-century as one of the genre's foremost educators. By the early '90s, his name was synonymous with the concept of "music with a message." Perhaps it's the combination of this quest to better society and raw talent that drew Michael Stipe to him when the R.E.M. frontman invited him to essentially be a hypeman on the group's "Radio Song." A weird, sarcastic take on the disc-jockey, KRS's bombastic voice sounds downright unsettling in the group's soundscape.

Henry Rollins and 3rd Bass
"Pop Goes the Weasel," 1991
What's the most underrated random celebrity cameo in a rap video? Is it Patrick Swayze in Ja Rule's "The Reign?" Is it Gheorghe Muresan in Eminem's "My Name Is?" Or is it punk rocker Henry Rollins' turn as Vanilla Ice in 3rd Bass' monumental dis record "Pop Goes the Weasel?" We choose the latter as the Black Flag singer perfectly mimics MC Serch and Pete Nice's target to the point where Serch once remarked he really thought at times that he was looking at "the weasel" himself. According to legend, Serch at one point, blinded by rage, legit cracked Rollins/Ice with the bat during the beatdown scene in a take that can be seen in the video to this day.

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