Dethklok - Roseland Ballroom - 11/14/12

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Better Than: Almost everything.

Dude. On Friday night, Dethklok played the Roseland Ballroom, and our brains are still recovering from the awesomeness. Here are the ten best things that happened.

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10. Machine Head played second. This was significant for two reasons. One, they were supposed to go on next to last, but they switched places with All That Remains because they're nice guys. Two, lead singer Robb Flynn had been hit by a taxi earlier that day, had spent hours in the hospital, and still showed up to play a great set.

9. Ten seconds of silence for Mitch Lucker. Machine Head asked the crowd to be silent for 10 seconds, in honor of Suicide Silence vocalist Mitch Lucker, who passed away in a motorcycle accident last month. The audience complied. It's kind of amazing when a giant room full of raging metalheads goes completely quiet.

8. Klokateers tuned Dethklok's instruments. What is a Klokateer? See photo, below.


7. The first song of Dethklok's set was the Metalocalypse theme song.

6. The animation was spectacular. The way these live Dethklok shows work, the band plays in front of a huge screen, whereupon animated videos accompany every song. Several of these videos were new for this tour, including "Andromeda" and "Crush the Industry" from Dethalbum III. So well coordinated are these videos with the live music that Brendon Small's vocals looked perfectly in sync with animated character Nathan Explosion's mouth movements whenever he appeared on the screen.

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