Harry Fraud's Top Five Producers This Year: "Alchemist, Alchemist, Alchemist, Alchemist, and Alchemist"

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From a competitive standpoint, do you worry then about the kid in his Mom's basement mass-producing on a MacBook while you're taking time to build relationships with artists?
It's weird, I think about that. Those kids probably passed me--like I don't know how to explain it--but those people come and go. There are those kids that'll have those runs like they make up the same beat a bunch of times and get the same sound circulating and pop with that and then, they're gone in a year. Me and Spitta [Curren$y] did the Cigarette Boats shit in two sittings, you know? It wasn't slow and steady; it just wasn't me chasing him to send him [beats]. The same thing with Trinidad James. That's my homie. I've been knowing about Trinidad James before all this shit was all crazy. We worked on a bunch of music together, but we've only worked on music in person. I like that with people because I feel like that's really producing; it's not just beatmaking.

Who are your Top 5 producers this year?
Alchemist, Alchemist, Alchemist, Alchemist, and Alchemist. That's my Top 5. I fuck with Alchemist, man. Alchemist has a beat. I don't even want to say who it's for, it's for two West Coast legends, and every time this beat is in my presence, I just make them play it over and over. I don't even like anybody's beats but Alchemist, he's fucking incredible.

Every producer has list of dream collaborations. Who's on yours?
If I could do an album with anybody, you have to do the album with Jigga obviously, but anybody beside Jigga, I would probably do the album with Cam [Cam'ron]. If I could just play the beats in the room that I felt were the right ones, I just feel like he'd be... Cam is just so ill.

Why don't you hit him?
Nah. We've communicated before. People like that, I hit him. He knows what it is. He knows I'm down for whatever with him but you know, I'm also not gonna be like, "Yo Cam! Yo, c'mon man! Yo yo yo!" I hit you. I let you know what's up. If you want to do it, we'll do it.

That sounds like a relationship. Playing phone tag.
[Laughs]. Nah nah nah. How else is it? Everything is a relationship. Life is a courtship, on all levels.

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