Jean Grae Picks Christmas Sweaters For Talib Kweli, Sean Price and Pharoahe Monch

You've tweeted about the apocalypse. Do you believe in it?
No. Because it's fuckin' ridiculous.

Why do so many people believe in those sort of things?
Because people are stupid. It's also because they don't understand science and people are gullible. And people need something to believe in. It's easier to give away all the responsibility than to claim it.

How would you go about persuading someone that the apocalypse won't happen?
Oh, no, I wouldn't. I'd hang out with those people! That shit is great! I think it's wonderful.

Are there any conspiracy theories you believe in?
The moon. I'm actually clear that the moon exists, I just don't think that the moon landing was real. I figure my basic idea is that we made a really big deal about going to the moon, it's a huge thing, but it's 2012 and at this point my options at new years should include Miami, going to Cape Town, and going to the moon. But it's not. It's not one of those options.

Richard Branson is apparently taking pre-orders for flights to the moon.
Yeah, and I believe Richard Branson, but we're not going to the moon a lot. That doesn't sit well with me.

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