Jean Grae Picks Christmas Sweaters For Talib Kweli, Sean Price and Pharoahe Monch


What was the Great Yam Debacle?[Sighs]
I decided that a couple of days a week I'm just going to do sweet potatoes and be healthy. It was one of those cravings that I had all day and I decided I wasn't going to eat until it was yam time, five o'clock. It's nice, 'cause it's just getting dark outside and I'll bake them and my whole apartment will smell of delicious yams and it's a really nice Christmas-y thing. I looked on my counter and I was cleaning and I had an Air Wick and I never buy them but I was feeling lazy. I went to the corner bodega and got this Air Wick spray and it was apples and I put it on the counter and also on the counter was a can of Pam olive oil spray. I wasn't going to use butter 'cause I was trying to be good. And I was like, "It would be hilarious if I sprayed Air Wick but, you know, I wouldn't do that." So I'm on my phone having a conversation -- a kinda involved conversation -- and then I look at the yam and I'm like, "This smells good, maybe too good..." I was like, "Did I really just do this?" For five minutes I just looked at it. I was like do I Instagram it or not 'cause it really just makes me look like a fuckin' idiot.

Did you try tasting the tainted yams?
It looked delicious and I considered it for a second. But I did not. That was my one yam and I didn't want anything else so I had to go back to the supermarket and get a lesser yam. And then I used butter.

Cooking with butter is the moral of the story.
Right, don't try to fuckin' be slightly healthy!

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