Jean Grae Picks Christmas Sweaters For Talib Kweli, Sean Price and Pharoahe Monch

What's your favorite brunch spot in the city?
It's my house now. But my favorite brunch spot -- I think they're still around; I shouldn't assume just 'cause I don't go there they don't exist -- is called Intermezzo. I was living in Chelsea and myself and my boyfriend at the time and my mom would go every weekend. We discovered that people did unlimited champagne brunches. It was like, you can drink for as long as you want. I was like, "For four dollars more than whatever I'm eating -- so I can get steak and poached eggs, something really lovely -- I can sit here and drink your cheap champagne for four hours, that's what you're telling me?" They said yes. So that became a tradition for a few years.


What's the story behind CatBoar?
I wrote that to a friend of mine who's a really amazing artist and he does puppetry and he's in the middle of writing this epic Jim Henson-esque thing. He was like, "I don't get why you sent me this." I was like, "See, there's a cat and there's a boar!" I thought it would be funnier if I didn't go into it. I was like, "No, that's it, we don't know any more."

So there's the opportunity for some CatBoar fan-fiction in the future
Take that Cat Boar and go somewhere with it. If you feel you need to draw it as a comic I might add on some things. But we will only do it in text and emoji, that should be the platform. If you can draw emojis out, make them super fine-art emojis. That's probably something I would buy and frame and put on my wall. It would be lovely.

Do you ever delete anything you tweet?
I delete them if I do a terrible typo and it's a really good tweet and I know it's going to get retweeted. I have a thing. There's a name for that. There's a total name for being a grammar nazi. I think it's some sort of a disorder. I specifically look for signs around the city for typos.

The MTA has some great ones.
Really, really bad. And I think how this must have to pass through so many hands before it gets through! I don't understand what's happening. Okay, you messed up, there's a mistake, but all those people after that also signed off on it! How does that happen? So, yeah, I may have a problem.

Who is the most famous person that follows you on Twitter?
I got really freaked out 'cause Judah Friedlander followed me. I was sitting there, "Oh, I have to think of something funny to tweet, there's a lot of pressure." But my favorite follow is Judy Blume. We've definitely talked on Twitter and people are like, "Wait, is this really happening right now?"

Have you read her books?
Yes, all of them.

What's your favorite Judy Blume book?
Deenie. She had scoliosis and then for years I was paranoid I had scoliosis and I made my mom take me to the chiropractor who was like, "Seriously, you don't have scoliosis." He told me one of my legs may be shorter. I was like, "Everybody's legs are shorter, tell me about the scoliosis! Tell me about if I need the brace, 'cause I don't want the brace." That was a weird book to be inspired by. You should go get Deenie. Get all the Judy Blume books, Tiger Eyes and Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing. She's my favorite follow.

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