Meet Mexican Summer's Jess Rotter, Whose Art You've Probably Already Enjoyed

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While trying to juggle all of her established endeavors, Rotter's also spent much of this year expanding beyond music-centric work--a good portion of her airborne drawing sessions were in the service of a forthcoming graphic novel, Paradise; she's also developing a risque illustrative series called "Foxy Trotter."

"It's now the time where I'm ready to show people what else I can do, that I'm not just a rock and roll portrait artist," she says. But Rotter and Friends still lives on. "It's not a bad thing that people feel comfortable sending me mixes and want to talk about that period of music, because I think it's important and it's still the time period that influences me the most. There's a certain warmth and mystery to it, and the stuff that came out of that era was super lasting, to me. But I don't see a lot of this stuff being written about or talked about. So I still want people to know about all kinds of music that was happing at that time that wasn't Janis Joplin or Jimi Hendrix."

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