Solange - Bowery Ballroom - 12/18

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She also inspires the same dedication in her backing band and backup singers, who danced in synchronicity with her as they dropped the thick bass like pancake batter on the simmering guitars and keyboards. While viscerally loud, it never threatened to overpower Solange's voice. Though capable of her sister's vocal pyrotechnics, she keeps her range understated; except for "Lovers In the Parking Lot," which she said was her favorite. Solange went into paroxysms of delight as she shivered to the booming hi-hats, belting the words with Mariah Carey's abandon. And she was generous with it, waving her arms with an expectant smile at the audience, who obligingly filled in the chorus on "Don't Let Me Down."

I initially said "ineffable" because at the end of the night there were no words, really, except for my own loud and off-key singing to "Losing You" while walking back to the train. Stylish and fallible, Solange receives projections of our own ideal selves and then somehow inspires us with them, hitting notes we wish we could and successfully finding her way out of a less-than-ideal situation with her own savings from that stint as a backup dancer. And I mean, who hasn't been kissed in a Jimmy John's at some point?

Solange Setlist:
Some Things Never Seem to Fucking Work Out
Don't Let Me Down
Lovers In the Parking Lot
Cosmic Journey
Locked In Closets
Losing You
Sandcastle Disco

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