Mason Jar Music Navigates The Sea In Between Tonight

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The midnight dawn caught on tape beneath the trees is a stand-out moment, but each of the vignettes of The Sea In Between -- a romantic, lighthearted duet between Garrells and his wife in a meadow; a sea shanty sing-along for newfound friends on Mayne Island with a lighthouse in the background -- serves as a postcard with a soundtrack. They obviously couldn't include every song from the week-long shoot between the opening credits and conclusion of The Sea In Between, which is why Knobler is thrilled for the fact that the film will see a DVD release -- or, as he puts it, the "visual LP" -- on January 29. Mayne Island may be a continent away, but Mason Jar Music will clearly reap the benefits of their northern sojourn in future productions.

"I think we're all even more in tune to finding cool spaces in anything, because a lot of those videos were shot just in a little corner of the woods," says Knobler. "On a musical level, that trip really solidified that the most important thing we can do is put talented, good-hearted people in a room together. The trip to Mayne Island was pretty short, and none of that would've come together if the members of that ensemble weren't open to trying stuff and checking their egos at the door or their own preconceptions of who they are as a musician. That's something that all of us have carried over in the past year, being really intentional about who we work with, because really, a lot of those people have continued to work on a bunch of different projects because they're so enthusiastic about trying stuff and collaborating and working without egos, both in film and in music."

Mason Jar Music will be screening The Sea In Between tonight at the 92Y Tribeca. For more information on Mason Jar Music and the formal release of The Sea In Between in 2013, visit their website.

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