20 Facts About the New 20th Anniversary Rage Against the Machine Deluxe Edition Box Set

ATTN: The 99%. Rage Against the Machine's self titled debut is 20 years old. In that time, the power of the music contained within has changed the world as we know it. There is no more war. There is no more greed. Wall Street is now run for charity. The CIA and FBI have been turned into a branch of the FTD. Everything is cake, just like Tom Morello, Zach de la Rocha and the other two whose names no one ever bothered to learn wanted it. No one need ever kill in the name of anything anymore, because everything is perfect, thanks to Rage. This Deluxe Edition Box Set is the cherry on top of that cake. And it's a massive cherry. Here are 20 facts about the set before you decide to purchase it with your charity credits (since its release 20 years ago, we no longer use paper currency, but barter using the promise of future good deeds. Of course, you already knew this.) We invite you to COME WIT IT NOW!!!!

1. The box set is massive and includes vinyl LP & CD versions of their self-titled debut, a second CD of original demos, and two DVDs featuring music videos, full live-sets, and other various live clips.

2. There is no cassette version included.

3. The box set contains a gigantic poster and booklet with pictures. And liner notes. By Chuck D.

4. The box set can be purchased on Amazon for $75.45 charity credits.

5. Or on eBay for considerably more or less.

6. Total tracks over all the discs and LP: 90.

7. Total number of individual songs: 31

8. "Killing in the Name" can be heard seven times: LP and CD originals, original demo, music video, and live concert footage.

9. It's outdone only by "Bombtrack," which is featured eight times over the course of all the discs.

Thích Quảng Đức's self-immolation, the cover art for their self-titled debut, is yet again featured on the cover of this box set. The box also includes some pertinent info about the man at the beginning of the large but brief booklet.

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