The Smashing Pumpkins -- Barclays Center -- 12/10/12

Santiago Felipe

It's those moments with Corgan that make you roll your eyes, but then after he shuts the fuck up, you hear the first few chords of "Disarm." You hear that overtly earnest lyric that spoke to you at some point in your life when you first smiled at someone you loved, and how in that moment that song played in your head. You remember how the word "cut" struck you. You remember calling yourself a "little boy." You remember those moments of angst and frustration and love and happiness and how the Smashing Pumpkins were there for it all. And no matter how hard Corgan tries, even though he does do whatever he wants, those memories won't ever be broken up.

Santiago Felipe

Critical Bias: The first band I searched for on Napster was the Smashing Pumpkins.

Overheard: "With that orb, Corgan's got a real affinity for tentacles. I don't get it, but I like it."

Random Notebook Dump: "Tonight, Tonight" is one of the best god damn songs ever written.

The Celestials
Violet Rays
My Love is Winter
One Diamond, One Heart
Pale Horse
The Chimera
Space Oddity (David Bowie Cover)
Tonite Reprise
Tonight, Tonight
Bullet with Butterfly Wings
The Dream Machine
Ava Adore
Cherub Rock

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This was their 4th concert that I’ve been to in 4 years and definitely the best one. Their new material includes some of the band’s best songs, Billy’s vocals were the best they’ve been in a very long time, and all 4 members gave great performances. And when they played their classics it felt like the ‘90s again. Honestly, it seems like Billy’s in a better place in many ways (btw the “If I’m in the mood” comment was very clearly sarcastic) and it feels like the band as a whole is looking forward while also acknowledging their ‘90s legacy. Many fans, myself included, have been waiting a long time for the band to get to this point.

I've also been to 2 concerts of theirs in the 90s/00s—one was my first concert of theirs and the other was one of their “farewell” concerts. For these reasons a comparison of either of those with this one just isn’t fair. But I will say this: Do I miss James, D’Arcy, or Jimmy? After last night’s concert, not anymore.

Matt Greenwood
Matt Greenwood

they use to be good.. first two albums are classics

William Rodgers
William Rodgers

and every one of them sucks just like these bald poseurs.

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