The Ten Best Noise Tracks of 2012

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10. Aaron Dilloway
"Eight Cut Scars (For Robert Turman)" (Hanson)
One more reason to move to Ohio. Everyone's favorite ex-Wolf Eyes member has his mesmerizing, loop-drunk way with tones of uncertain providence, dog-piling and distending and chain-yanking and retarding them until it's almost impossible to say which way is up, much less remember your own name or where you left your copy of Chain Shot.

"Lucid Dreams"
The Lost Highway of hair-raising electro-noise anthems, more or less: sort of like hanging your head out the window of a bullet train moving at full speed through Tokyo at night, laughing madly at the folly of everything and anything, losing feeling and barely missing it. This trio reside in NYC, and you have no excuse not to attend their every show.

8. Peter J. Woods feat. Joe Smith
"Moment Creation" (FTAM)
"Vault" is that rare noise keeper where discernible narration lives at the top of the mix and doesn't succumb to the surrounding madness. Here the music is kept at arm's length to help drive home the message the individualistic poetry is trying to get across, and the strategy works beautifully, providing a rare and thoughtful reprieve from the Brooklyn trio's usual hardcore steamrolling. "Moment Creation," from Wisconsin's Woods, manages something similar, if more cryptic and ultimately assaultive.

7. White Suns
"Flesh Vault" (Load)

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