The Ten Best Noise Tracks of 2012

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6.Natural Snow Buildings
"Kadja Bosou" (Ba Da Bing)
There are covens' caldrons in Transylvania that are less haunted and forbidding than "Kadja Bosou" is. All amorphous tendrils, bad ju-ju, Thinsulated synthesizers, and wayward woodwinds, it's the sound of this French duo communing with one of the natural world's seamier side and - just maybe - crossing over altogether. And who could blame them? The waters they're wading on Night Coercion In the Company of Witches are as alluring as they are potentially dangerous.

5. Mike Shiflet
"Feeble Breaths" (Type)
A potent, mesmerizing argument for the aesthetic value of manicured static from a noise artist whose artistic breadth seems to expand with each successive half-year, "Breaths" insidiously gear shifts from fractured chunks of distortion to a cross between whirling helicopter blades and whippet-hit dissociation.

4.Marta Zapparoli
"Turbulence of the Soul" (Zeromoon)
A torrid nuclear hailstorm of satanic fury from Italy's Zapparoli that's so viciously intense that it threatens to escape from your PC's speakers and randomly rearrange your den -- so watch out.

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