The Ten Best Noise Tracks of 2012

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3. Sharlyn Evertsz
"Flush" (Haltapes)
Consciousness-compressing brain damage straight outta Miami, Florida that conjures visions of paper shredders, frying eggs, hiccuping samplers, and rampaging trash-compactors - sometimes all at the same time.

2. Lantern
"Pupa" (self-released)

New Yorkers Bryce Brushnefski and Joseph Henaghan feed codeine to their de-tuned guitars and stage a prolonged death match so epic, unrelenting, and crude that it'll help you get over the lack of Dead C product this year. These dudes make tons of noise in a slew of other bands and projects that are worth exploring, if this sort of thing is your jeweled chalice of lye.

1. Penny Royale
"La-Bar-Tu" (Sleepy Hollow Editions)
"La-Bar-Tu" -- from noise-priestess Kyle Kessler's current solo alias -- might best be described as a machine tearing itself apart, or aluminum cans trying to free themselves from an active clothes dryer. No noisome squeak or crunch or ping is left unwrought or un-hyperventilated here, one following immediately upon the heels of the one before. No quarter asked or given, but those nine minutes seem to fly by in a flash. My German shepherd was not amused.

11. Lightning Bolt, "Fly Fucker Fly" (Load)
12. The DDN, "STRONG (the almighty gays at Christmas in America mix" (Black Circle)
13. Pacific 231, "Scuffle" (Nostalgie da la Boue)
14. Infected Signal, "P-162" (Red Venice)
15. Plums, "Nixon's Mess, Side 1" (Prison Art)
16. Noxroy, "Atlas/Wings: Infinity" (Rest + Noise)
17. Whiff, "Red Flash Warnings" (Ehse)
18. IED IUD, "Harvesting" (MT6)
19. Bird Paradigma, "Found Poem" (self-released)
20. Elizabeth Veldon, "Pine Trees in the Wind" (self-released)
21. Neptune, "Luminous Skull" (Northern Spy)
22. Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski, "Energy Amiss" (Brah/Ocropolis) 
23. Grasshopper, "Recreational Liposuction" (Sic Sic)
24. Diablo, "Twins, Side A" (Sleepy Hollow Editions)
25. Swans, "The Seer" (Young God)
26. Locrian, "The Clearing" (Fan Death)

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