The Ten Best Concerts in New York This Weekend, 12/28/12

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We're gettin' an early jump on the weekend because you've probably already checked out anyway. So here are the 10 best concerts around the city this weekend, in no particular order.

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Biz Markie + Kid Capri
Saturday, 3pm, $25
For what's sure to be the classiest way to say goodbye to 2012, rapper and beatboxer Biz Markie is appearing at this day party dubbed Holiday Heat. Although he hasn't been much in the public eye much since his late '80s hit "Just a Friend," he's been beefing up his resume with appearances on the kids' show Yo Gabba Gabba! (check the "Biz 4 Da Kids" of his website) and recording parodies of "Hey Jude" and "Believe It or Not" to sell as outgoing phone messages. The dress code for lovers and "just friends" alike is "chic and fashionable." -- By Kory Grow

Cro-Mags + Sheer Terror + Rude Awakening + Brain Slug + Born Annoying
Highline Ballroom
Sunday, 5:30pm, $20/$25
A few months ago, the police shut down a Cro-Mags show before the hardcore legends even hit the stage. A stabbing kerfuffle had erupted backstage between the band's current bassist and one of its former four-stringers. Even after two decades since the heyday of L.E.S. hardcore matinees, anything can happen. Regardless, the current lineup of the group, featuring John Joseph on vocals, has never sounded better. And with the addition of openers Sheer Terror and a bevy of like-minded bruisers (Rude Awakening, Brain Slug, Born Annoying) who go on early, some of that old energy may surface again tonight in a positive way. -- By Kory Grow

The Punch Brothers
Bowery Ballroom
Saturday & Sunday, 9pm, $35
It's been evident for a while, but now that mandolinist and bandleader Chris Thile has been officially designated a MacArthur fellowship-approved genius, perhaps you'll finally go check out one of the meanest progressive bluegrass outfits working today. Who's Feeling Young Now, the wonderful album they released back in February, finally carves out a space for their longtime fan-favorite junkyard-acoustic cover of Radiohead's digital lullaby "Kid A," but the real treasures are the originals, as ever, and this time they include one song dedicated to New York City. -- By Vijjith Assar

French Horn Rebellion + Chrome Canyon + Haerts
Cameo Gallery
Friday, 11:59pm, $8/$12
The fraternal duo behind French Horn Rebellion fetishize '80s new wave synth-pop way out of proportion, and without a trace of irony: They would be the quintessential hipsters if they were not so clearly a blast from the past. Yet their resistance to snarky, unqualified smugness makes Robert and David Perlick-Molinari a rare breed of band geek-cum-Williamsburg icon. Their recent EP, "Love is Dangerous," features Jody Watley from Shalamar and some seriously tricked-out leopard-print cover art. -- By Aidan Levy

Machinedrum + Sepalcure
Le Poisson Rouge
Sunday, 11pm, $20/$25
If there's one upside to the way that the mainstream has grudgingly acknowledged EDM this year (notably with a new genre category in MTV's VMAs and examinations of the genre's big moneymakers in Forbes), it's that a handful of innovative artists are starting to get more recognition. One such musician is Berlin-via-New York EDM producer Travis Stewart, who records as Machinedrum and serves as one half of the glitchy dance group known as Sepalcure--both of whom will be performing tonight, alongside Brooklyn Bass. In his solo persona, Stewart concocts giddy, undulating symphonies that owe debts to house, glitch, and funk, while with Sepalcure, he and Praveen Sharma (a/k/a Braille) add some Latin touches, making it a fun exploration of rhythm. But to Forbes figure-crunchers, calling it EDM or dubstep still seems to be sufficient. -- By Kory Grow

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