Two Gallants Are Back After A Four Year Hiatus

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"Taking four years off when you're kind of a young band that's just starting to take off isn't really the best idea in the world," admits singer-guitarist Adam Stephens, one half of the San Francisco duo Two Gallants. "I definitely know that it wasn't the best timing, and I think we're still kinda working to get back to the point where...I mean, I know we lost some momentum and attention, but I don't feel like we really lost any of our true believers. I think a lot of them are still there."

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But Stephens, who shares the band with his childhood pal, drummer-singer Tyson Vogel, isn't really a "lookin' back" kinda guy. So even though The Bloom and the Blight--issued on their new label, ATO Records, it's Two Gallants' first record in five years; a stunner that frequently wallops the rustic, bluesy indie-folk at the core of each of its 10 tracks with sandpaper howls, thunder-drums, and napalm riffs--only came out at the end of September, Stephens has already moved on from the LP like it's a faded, yellowed newspaper.

"I try not to think abut it too much," he murmurs. "If I do, I usually find things I think could have been improved upon. And I just kinda feel like once a song is recorded, it's out on its own and doesn't belong to me anymore, so it really doesn't matter."

Friendly and prone to thoughtful pauses, Stephens has precious little to say about the band's first go-around in the early/mid-'00s, before their extended hiatus, when they toured like mad, made a batch of records for Saddle Creek, talked and talked and talked to the press and did all the other things buzz bands are supposed to do. He's got no interest in revisiting the infamous Taser incident in Houston from a million years ago, either. Nor is he much for getting into the deep whys of the hiatus, other than the feeling of burnout that preceded it. "I think it helped us a lot, in a lot of ways--creatively, personally--to take that time off," he says, noting that while Two Gallants was inactive, he was still writing and recording songs like crazy.

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