12 (More) Big Deal Albums We're Hella Excited For

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Juicy J

Juicy J
Stay Trippy
Juicy J had the surprise hit of the year with "Bandz A Make Her Dance" and to follow up with his strippers anthem, he launched a website - to help everyone find their own stripper name (I'm Heidi Sweethooter. Classy!). There are no other details on what's in store for the album, but we're sure, at the very least, it'll be trippy mayne.

Miley Cyrus
Danger Zone
Miley Cyrus is making a hip-hop album, y'all! The girl who once admitted she never heard a Jay-Z song prior to screeching "and a Jay-Z song was on" in the guilty pleasure tune "Party in the USA" is leaving her country ways behind. Cyrus is working with Pharrell Williams, Tyler, the Creator and other notable hip-hop producers to give her "Dirty South vibe, a little ATL in there" Cyrus admitted to Huffington Post back in November. What the hell will this sound like. We gave you our guesses a couple months back. You tell us yours.

Kid Cudi
In a series of tweets, (https://twitter.com/ducidni), Kid Cudi gave his fans some inside information on what to expect from his latest effort, Inidcud; Kendrick Lamar, Pusha T, Kanye West, Common and Jaden Smith (yes you read it right, Will Smith's son) are all slated to appear on the album. The first single, "Just What I Am," debuted at #13 in October on the Billboard Rap charts and he also made his directorial debut with a trippy video for the song. There might even be a follow up collabo with Ratatat, whom he worked with on "Alive" and "Pursuit of Happiness", from his first album Man on the Moon. Sounds like old Kid Cudi is back!

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