12 (More) Big Deal Albums We're Hella Excited For

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Lady Gaga
The always creative and innovative pop star, Lady Gaga cleverly titled her third album ARTPOP. On Twitter (http://twitter.com/ladygaga) she admitted the inspiration came from "the decay of the blonde pop icon and how culture loves to build and give birth to fantasies and then destroy them and what that means." Makes perfect sense! We hope she brings us to the dance floor again. The biggest surprise may be the possibility of a sequel to the hit "Telephone" with Beyonce. Beyhives and Little Monsters are going to lose their minds, yet again!

Mariah Carey
After signing a deal for 18 million dollars to be a judge on American Idol, Mariah Carey released the lackluster "Triumphant (Get 'Em)" that barely peaked above 37 on the r&b charts. But with Idol starting back up in January, Randy Jackson spoke highly of the album's progress and stated, "the album is going to be one of the great Mariah Carey albums with a lot of stuff that you've come to love about her over the years". At this rate anything is better than "Triumphant".

Smashing Pumpkins
Even though the Smashing Pumpkins returned with a spectacular album with Oceania back in June, they're priming a new one already. Their next album, Adore, is expected to release just in time for Christmas in 2013.

Black Veil Brides
Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild One
Back in October our guest music editor Alice Cooper declared Black Veil Brides a band that's "doing something right" and even considered them to be the love child of Motley Crue and his own. Working with John Feldman as the executive producer of the record, lead singer Andy Biersack says the album is going to be "more punk rock than ever before, it's Social Distortion meets Metallica." Who wants a Motley Social D Metallica Alice Cooper slab of punk rock that does it right? *raises hand*

Bad Religion
True North
The iconic punk rock band is returning with their 16th studio album, which will be released on January 22. Their first single "Fuck You" premiered on November 5 with rave reviews. Singer Greg Graffin says the album is more "fast and concise punk songs, all less than 2 minutes." Perfect.

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