30 Rock's Most Hilarious Rap References

Happy belated Ludacrismas!
30 Rock wraps up tonight, as the Tina Fey-penned show signs off with its final episode. During the show's seven seasons of hilarity, it's never been shy of weaving rap references into its script (a tick helped by Donald Glover a/k/a/ Childish Gambino holding down a writer's position at one point). So with a doff of the ol' faithful Kangol to Liz Lemon Cool J, here's a round-up of 30 Rock's most ROFL-worthy rap references.

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7. Ludacrismas
Eschewing a traditional take on the festive season, Frank Rossatino and the T.G.S. mob decide to instead celebrate Ludacrismas, a holiday based around the non-denominational tenets of "getting crap and eating too much." Ho ho horny, indeed.

6. Wu-Tang Name Generator Shenanigans
Possibly inspired by the same online Wu-Tang Clan name generator that Donald Glover used to come up with his Childish Gambino rap moniker, Tracy Jordan lets it slip that he once wanted to rock with the title Wise Greazy Bastard.

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5. Chamillionaire Dance Party
Finding yourself bored at work and suffering from a chronic lack of inspiration? Take a cue from the T.G.S. writing team and instigate a one-minute Chamillionaire dance party. Consider "Grown And Sexy" your new muse.

4. The Diabolical Biz Markie
Liz Lemon: "Being terrible has never prevented success in the music business. Look at Biz Markie or The Doors." Cat sound!

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