The A$AP Rocky Drinking Game

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This month buzzier-than-thou rapper A$AP Rocky released his major label debut, Long.Live.A$AP. You may have heard. We've thought long and hard about the album, and want you to have the optimal Rocky listening experience. Among its tracks you'll find several tropes and repetitive aspects. A$AP Rocky is not the most technically-gifted lyricist, and he often repeats both lyrics and cadences. There are also stylistic devices that poke their braided-heads up again and again, similar to such stylizations on the Live.Love.A$AP mixtape (the pitched-down vocals, the double-time flow, the catchphrase-branding of lines like "pretty motherfucker"). These characteristics make the new album perfect for a drinking game. So let's get started.

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- 1 liter of Sprite
- 1 bottle of codeine syrup (let us know if you know where to get some! Our hook-up is in jail...)
- Excessive amounts of hard liquor, beer
- 2 big loud speakers
- 1 even-bigger subwoofer
- 1 group of friends (ideally more than 3 people)

1. Every time A$AP mentions high-fashion, take a drink.

asap rocky VV 1.jpg

A$AP Rocky has established himself as a fashion-minded artist in the same vein as Kanye West. He was even scouted by GQ on multiple occasions to both offer insight on last years' European Fashion Week and talk about his own fashion interests. When he goes to 106 & Park, they have him critique wardrobes worn on recent red carpets on some ole Joan Rivers shit. He's been on the cover of Japanese Vogue, which is about 10000000 times cooler than all the other Vogues. Rap Game Lana Del Rey.

Key Tracks: "Fasion Killa," "Hell"

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