The A$AP Rocky Drinking Game

2. Take a sip of "Dirty Sprite" (Sprite and Codeine) every time A$AP mentions syrup.

asap rocky blunt VV.jpg
photo by Djordje Gasic
Rocky gained internet prominence partially due to his codeine-slurred track "Purple Swag" and is arguably one of the most lean-friendly rappers of the past year this side of Juicy J. DJ Screw smiles down from Heaven on his disciple. And on this part of drinking game, which will put you to sleep or give you cardiac arrest by track four if you sip too big. Be easy.

Key Tracks: "Wild For The Night" ("My niggas getting right/ Smoking weed with dirty Sprite"); "Fashion Killa" (that Balenciaga, I'm sipping purple syrup/ Come be my Aunt Jemimah"); "PMW (All I Really Need)"

3. Every time A$AP's voice is pitched-down, take a drink.

Truth be told, every rapper these days could have a drinking game built around them. Imagine taking a pop every time new era Kanye said "Huhhhhh" or Rick Ross barked "RUH." There's even a website dedicated to cataloging these soundbites. Rocky's signature sound is vocally-slowed "Uhhhh." He uses it nearly once per song.

Key Tracks: Almost all of them, starting with opener "Long Live A$AP."

4. Each time Rocky uses a high-pitched cadence, take a shot of Ciroc.
Similar to Rule 3's logic, Rocky often shouts lyrics with an upwards inflection - "Biiiitch! Hop up on my diiiiick!" We use Ciroc as the liquor here, because rap has basically just become one long Ciroc commercial anyway. Observe.

Key Tracks: "Goldie," "Fuckin' Problems."

5. Each time Rocky calls himself "pretty," take a shot and an Instagram selfie.

As we've mentioned, Rocky is style-conscious, image-conscious, and undeniably a bit self-conscious (choice lyric from an early mixtape: ""the only thing bigger than my ego is my mirror"). He be "that pretty motherfucker," as he told us on the hype-starting "Peso." What's more vain than displaying your silly hedonism via social media? Thus, we encourage listeners Instagram or Facebook their drinking game triumphs with this rule.

Key Tracks: "Long Live A$AP," "Jodye"

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