A Handy Guide To Help Determine Whether or Not Your Band Tattoo Is Awful (Spoiler: It Is)

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The Variety Pack Fail

This gem is taken from an Acacia Strain song titled "JFC (Jesus Fucking Christ). That's funny, because that's exactly what I was just thinking.

The Ted Bundy

I guess this is supposed to be a tattoo of Avril Lavigne, which, oookaayy. But there's an outside chance it could also just be a guy who's a big fan of Schoolgirl Facials Tube which makes me realize all of a sudden that there are, without a doubt, dudes walking around out there in the world with their favorite blow job professional tattooed on their body. brb going to take 1000 showers.

The Dad Jeans


Seems like this comes from another, albeit much more demographically specific, blow job site. If the guy wearing this doesn't also have a t-shirt tucked into his high-waisted jeans on then I quit writing. Kind of want to anyway though.

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