A Handy Guide To Help Determine Whether or Not Your Band Tattoo Is Awful (Spoiler: It Is)

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We All Die Alone
Something tells me this resolve is going to frequently put to the test.

Risk Versus Reward

Just so that we're all clear here, what we're looking at right now is a the lyrics to a Bjork song translated into braille and then tattooed on someone's body.

Good Band, Bad Choice

OK, I know what you're thinking: "Getting any Oasis tattoo in the first place." Fine, I hear that, but how about the entire lyrics to "D'Yer Wanna Be a Spaceman?" What song now, you say? Exactly. Don't out think yourself by trying to stay ahead of the fan curve. I know "Live Forever" probably seemed cliche at the time, mate, but it's looking pretty good right now in retrospect to the guy with "You're hangin 'round and climbing trees pretending to fly. D'Yer wanna be a spaceman and live in the sky?" on his body about now, isn't it?

The Virgin

Paradoxically, sometimes the only thing worse then being the guy in the band with all the tattoos is being the one guy in the band without any tattoos, like this Creed fella here. Let's call him the drummer because it really doesn't matter.

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