A Handy Guide To Help Determine Whether or Not Your Band Tattoo Is Awful (Spoiler: It Is)

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The Daily Penance
In the music game it's important to stay humble, which is why I've always admired Fred Durst for investing in a perpetual reminder of how good he didn't end up being. On a related note, I'm going in for some new ink today, I just need to settle on which two serious journalists who made something of their talents I should get blasted onto my tits.

Fan Mutation

This dude loved Megadeath so much he had an entire third leg tattooed onto his body. That's dedication.

White Girl Problems

Oh, cute. She got a permanent reminder of the looks on her parents' faces when she came home with that Radiohead tattoo.

Brand Synergy


This one gets bonus points for thematic consistency, because this is to real tattoos what Atreyu's music is to real metal.

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