A Handy Guide To Help Determine Whether or Not Your Band Tattoo Is Awful (Spoiler: It Is)

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The Cool Mom
You don't see many Van Morrison tattoos anymore these days--or any days, really. Something I just found out playing this fun new game "think of any single unlikely musician ever and marvel in awe at the tattoos that exist in their honor."

The Monsters You Don't See Are Always Scarier

Hard to say for sure what Gregg Allman's tattoo actually looks like despite how many time's he's offered to show it to us over the years years; as of yet not a single person has taken him up on the offer.

The Precious Artist

I don't even really have time to get into the actual tattoo here, I'm too busy dying over the caption that accompanies it from the tattoo shop in Connecticut it comes from:

"These are photos of custom tattoos drawn specifically for the customer. DO NOT COPY these tattoo designs. Respect the artist, the wearer, and the concept of custom tattooing. These photos are meant to show you the quality of work possible at Atlantis Body Arts in Milford, CT. Keep in mind not all tattoo artists are capable of quality tattoos, DO YOUR HOMEWORK. You can use these photos for inspiration, but not replication. Dont be lazy, have your custom tattoo artist create a unique custom tattoo designed specifically for you. If they can't draw it for you, they probably shouldn't tattoo it for you either. Contact us if you want to talk about traveling to get tattooed us, catching us at a tattoo convention, or to recommend a good custom tattoo artist we know near you."

Don't think you have to worry about anyone copying this, but fair point.

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