Did Cam'ron's Entourage Stiff A Brooklyn Nightlife Promoter For Several Thousand Dollars on NYE? A Tale of He Said, He Said

Best known as the balls behind Brooklyn's infamous after hours party The Shank, Lou Galluch (a.k.a. Bury Me In Brooklyn) may have flown a tad too close to the sun with his New Year's Eve plans this year. Rather than throw one of his usual $10 dirty warehouse after hours jams, he thought big: who would bring out a ton of people with money to spend? After consulting with friends who work on large branding events around the city, he settled on Cam'ron. His friends "told me that they would middle man the deal," he explains.

Things went sideways.

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After some haggling they settled on $8,000, a tidy sum for a promoter Galluch's size. When it came time to pay the deposit, Galluch says "the main guy who was negotiating the deal" (whose name has been withheld by Galluch's request) had to go to Boston to deal with "some family stuff." In his stead, Galluch was told he'd be dealing with Cam'ron's DJ, Moe Sticky.

The two agreed to pay one fourth of the guaranteed eight grand up front. "So I meet him that next day [Sunday], and I said, 'Bring the signed contracts and I'll give you the money,'" Galluch explains. "He shows up with no contracts, and I have the money. This is the day before New Year's, everything is happening. Promotion has gone out, presales are coming in...and they show up with no contracts." He calls the original guys he'd been dealing with. "Yeah, [Cam'ron]'s gonna show, give [Moe] the money," they tell him. Galluch asks how he can be sure, and his fears ease when Cam'ron immediately sends out a promotional Tweet (which has since been deleted).

Lou Galluch hands Moe Sticky $3,000.

The next day, everything is going smoothly sans contract. It's an after hours party and Cam is scheduled to appear around 3 in the morning. Moe arrives at 3 to a still-empty warehouse, says Cam is in the car, and asks for the rest of the money. Galluch asks if they can wait an hour or so before going on so the venue can fill up. "They said yes, but I'd have to show them some cash," he says. So Galluch hands Moe another $2,000.

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