Did Cam'ron's Entourage Stiff A Brooklyn Nightlife Promoter For Several Thousand Dollars on NYE? A Tale of He Said, He Said

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"So he leaves, the place packs the fuck out, it's packed out," Galluch recalls. "It is 4:30am, I have no DJs booked because it's Cam'ron's set, he never showed up. I'm calling, I'm texting, I'm freaking out. All of a sudden I have no DJ playing, everyone is freaking out. I had to tell the door guy to give people their money back, I had a sliding scale door, we didn't know how much people paid, it was a nightmare. So after dealing with the biggest train wreck of a fucking event I've ever done in my life, I woke up to the DJ calling me saying, 'Yo sorry, my phone died, Cam just wanted to go home and go to sleep, he was too tired.' So I'm like, 'Well, we have a lot down on this, do you wanna give me the money back?' And he's like, 'Deposit was 4k, maybe you'll get a thousand bucks back. But you wasted Cam's time."

The days following, Galluch asserts, have been filled with him asking direct questions of Moe to no avail. Communication broke down further, and Galluch alleges Moe had some tough talk for him on the phone "along the lines of physical violence."

Surprisingly, perhaps, Galluch doesn't hold Cam'ron responsible for what went down. "I don't think this is Cam'ron per se, I think it's his people. They kept saying that he had other offers and I was like 'Really? He had other offers but his first choice was gonna be a warehouse party in fucking Williamsburg? Come on.' I looked. Why would he play my fucking bullshit warehouse party if he had offers at a legit club with a real deposit? I think they didn't know it was a warehouse. I think they came, saw it was a warehouse, saw they had five grand, cut their losses and said 'Fuck it. That's my take. I don't want this to reflect on [Cam] because I think, by all accounts, he's pretty cool. I've dealt with his manager who's the biggest asshole I've ever dealt with in my life. I've dealt with his DJ, who's the shadiest dude I've dealt with in my life."

But Cam'ron is the boss. Isn't it his responsibility to show up?

"He's kind of next level, he has his handlers, whatever his handlers say, that's what goes. I'm not blaming this on him per se, but I am blaming it on his handlers saying that it was his fault. They blamed it on him. And then after the fact, Moe made reference to the cash that he had with him, and I was like, 'How do you have the cash with you if you paid Cam the money? Why do you have the cash still?'" Galluch believes Moe pocketed it.

Still, the question remains, why did he keep handing Moe money without a signed contract?

"If I'd just met this guy through weird means I would never have trusted him. But I met him through guys who are respected around the city, and they kept telling me he was legit. 'It's cool, it's totally cool, it's never been a problem,' they said."

In total, Galluch lost $7,000. He plans on holding a benefit for himself this coming weekend.

Up next: Moe Sticky's side of the story.

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