Let's Make Cormega ESPN's New Guest Tweeter For Knicks Games


In Tweets is Watching, Phillip Mlynar asks local artists questions based solely on the contents of their Twitter timeline.

New York City rap veteran Cormega is currently readying up his latest album, the Large Professor-produced Mega Philosophy. During a quick bout of recording downtime, we got him to explain away his Twitter timeline references to the perils of kush brownies, the merits of allowing dogs to roam free in rap clubs, and why he should be ESPN's designated tweeter during Knicks games.

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What's the song with Roc Marciano production you tweeted about?
Yeah, yeah, me and Roc, you know, we talk a lot and we have a lot of ideas so I recently told him I wanted some tracks with no samples in them. I wanna try something different. He sent some tracks over and I decided I might as well end the year on a creative note. I'm not the type of guy who's gonna go out and drink and such and such so that's what that was.

Why did you want production without any samples?
This year I want to get my brand out more 'cause I have a few people that have soundtrack connections and they want me to start working on them, and when you do soundtracks they tend to want original music.

What sort of things did you write about in that last verse?
I'm just showcasing my skill, that's all. It's nothing like a concept.

How deep is your sneaker collection?
My sneaker collection is so deep that I'm bored! I have every single Air Jordan that had a number until they messed it up with number 28, but I have from the first one to 23. I have doubles of some. I have so many sneakers that I have a room that's just sneakers. I'm feeling gluttonous! I give away sneakers all the time.

What's the most valuable pair of sneakers in your collection?
My rarest pair isn't even an athletic sneaker, it's the very first Louis Vuitton sneaker. I think they introduced them in 1999, I might wanna say. I never wore them. I still have the receipt, the box and everything. They were $375 when I bought them. I know from my Louis Vuitton heads I can get a pretty penny for those! And my Cormega Pro-Keds, ha ha!

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