Let's Make Cormega ESPN's New Guest Tweeter For Knicks Games

What's the story behind the kush brownie incident?
The story behind that is, everybody that really knows me knows that I'm the opposite of a typical rapper: I don't get high, I don't drink like that, I will never ever do molly, I don't go to strip clubs, I don't care about what's hot. So the weed brownies, to somebody that doesn't know any better like me, I said, "Oh, this little thing ain't going to do nothing to me." So I ate one and somebody warned me; I was warned about them by Sean Price before. But it's just a little brownie. I ate it and it was delicious. So I'm sitting there watching a movie and I eat another one. And the greedy part of me -- like you're not gonna eat just one Pringle -- says I should eat just one more. But after that one more, let's just say I will never do that again! I was so high, I felt terrible. I just wanted to go to sleep the next day. I couldn't drive, I couldn't talk, I could feel my blood circulating in my body like my senses were heightened like a vampire! I just wanted to go to sleep. The next day, I woke up high. I will never do that again.

How was featuring on a Public Enemy album?
I don't even know the right word to look for! That was like a lifetime achievement for me. I never thought it would be possible. That was like getting an award for me.

Can you remember the very first time you heard Public Enemy?
I do. The very first Public Enemy song I heard was "Public Enemy No. 1" and it was so different 'cause of the track -- that sound at the beginning -- it was so different and so loud! When they came out, they made a bang. Their music used to be so loud and magnetic. I wanted to hear it again and again. I was hooked.

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