Let's Make Cormega ESPN's New Guest Tweeter For Knicks Games

What happened with those dogs in the club?
I was in Italy and that was the craziest show I have ever done in my life. That was another place where my not being a typical rapper surprised people, 'cause I was offered every drug you could think of. They was doing it out in the open. And they was offering it to me. My biggest thing that night was not that I was going to have a bad performance but that the police was gonna come in there and raid the place! It was the funniest, craziest shit ever and there was dogs in there too!

Were the dogs on leashes?
They was walking around, they were next to people sniffing coke, they was laying down enjoying the show. They were crashed out by the stage, I guess by that point they'd had enough. And it was packed! It was too much going on in there, but it was fun.

What was the pizza like in Italy?
The pizza was incredible. I ate pizza every day and didn't even get tired of it, put it like that.

Do you have a favorite pizza spot in New York?
There's a spot in Williamsburg called Fornino. Williamsburg has some good pizza. I used to have a spot in Downtown Brooklyn area that I loved, but in Williamsburg there's a pizza that I really enjoy -- but the pizza in Italy kicked that pizza's ass.

Some people have suggested ESPN should make you a guest tweeter for Knicks games.
I would love to do that! I'd just be myself. One thing I know is I'm very knowledgable with Knicks, I'm knowledgable with basketball, I'm a good writer and I have a wit about me that people like. Sometimes when I tweet stuff about sports it gets so many retweets and responses. Back in 2011, I used to do play-by-play commentary and people were like, "'Mega's commentary is better than the actual commentators!" People would encourage me to do that. I might even go to school for that.

Finally, how's the new album coming along?
My next album, Mega Philosophy, is gonna be transcending and eye-opening, especially for my genre of lyricists and purists. When I made The Realness, I just made it, I didn't make it so people would say it was a classic. But this album is getting such good responses from people: I let Saigon hear it and he said it might be the best album he's heard from me, I let Chuck D hear it and he said the music is good, I let Roc Marciano hear it and he's like it's what people want from me, and J-Love, who's a supreme critic, he told me I was getting better than ever. I got such comments about the album that I'm breaking my own rules; one rule we artists have is not letting people hear something unfinished. I'm using very little profanity, there's no beef songs on there, no songs degrading women, no songs promoting the uses of drugs. It's a different direction I'm going in and I'm trying to solidify myself as an artist with this one.

And is Large Professor producing it all?
He's doing every song on the album. Working with Large Pro, he's like a bar-tender: He won't sit there and put a cup on it, he'll let you drink hard. He's super critical too. There's no release date yet, and it's not quite finished, but who am I to rush Large Professor?

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