Fake Scott Walker's "Scream & Shout" Is Better Than will.i.am and Britney's Original

It Is Next Level Shit
will.i.am tries hard. I know he does because he says so himself. And props for that! Trying hard is almost always a good trait to have. His personal fortitude to try hard with his music and personal image as a humble-black-hipster with non-swag-swag reminds me of my personal fortitude to try hard not to roll my eyes whenever he talks about those things. But even he would have to admit that "Scream & Shout" doesn't live up to anyone's standards. In every beat and lyric and note, there is no revolution. Fake Scott Walker brings the revolution.

Every instrument and sound effect ever invented makes an appearance in Fake Scott Walker's cover. At one point in Fake Scott Walker's cover, I don't even know what sounds are being made anymore. It is hypnotic. It is a journey through time, space, and genre. It is the equivalent of gospel for believers in experimentation and innovation everywhere. But most importantly, it is certifiable next level shit that will.i.am only has fleeting wet dreams about.

Now the only possible thing left to do in the endless M.C. Escher staircase of next level shit that is the evolution of music is for Real Scott Walker to do a cover of Fake Scott Walker doing a cover as Real Scott Walker. Thanks in advance.

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