Five EDM Tracks We'll Be Raging to In 2013

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3. Zedd x Matthew Koma
It was a great year for the 23-year-old producer. He's working with Lady Gaga, produced a single for Justin Bieber, and put out one of 2012's biggest EDM albums of the year with Clarity. While it may not have been a crossover smash, "Spectrum" -- along with tracks like Porter Robinson's "Language" and Madeon's remix of "The Night Out" -- is the calling card of the next generation of big-name producers. It's the track that made you think, "Well, this guy is going to be a star" the first time you heard it.

2. Swedish House Mafia x John Martin
"Don't You Worry Child"
A lot of dance acts had legit hits in 2012; Calvin Harris's "Too Close" and David Guetta's "Titanium" come to mind. Sneaking in at the end of the year was "Don't You Worry Child," which is slowly working its way up the Billboard Hot 100. Add in the fact that it's Grammy-nominated, and the song has a pretty good resume to be a future classic. What may be even more important to its long-term success is the fact that it gives EDM something it doesn't have a lot of: A great power ballad. Will it become "Don't Stop Believing" for the 124-bpm generation?

1. Dada Life
"Kick Out the Epic Motherfucker"
Putting the word "epic" in your song title is kind of like calling your shot in baseball: if you're going to do it you better deliver. The song doesn't play around, the opening synths warning you that something big is on the horizon. It's a sound, dirty and edgy, that excites you immediately, grabbing your attention and refusing to let go. The track will be never be a "Levels"-style hit, but it's going to remain of favorite of DJs looking for the right moment to ask the crowd if they're ready to take things to another level.

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