Those "Influential" Albums Being Discussed on Facebook? They're Garbage

4. Dexys Midnight Runners - Searching for the Young Soul Rebels

But of course it makes room for noted album artist Dexys Midnight Runners. What's that you say? Lots of Celtic brass pub-pop bands sprung up in their wake? Of course I'm not thinking of the Pogues, are you crazy? They're not even on here!

5. New Order - Technique

Uh, isn't 1989 a little late for New Order to have been "influential"? Come on, how is this choice not completely arbitrary? I love Get Ready too but I'm not gonna pretend it was Cut Copy's holy-shit moment in 8th grade.

6. Elliott Smith - Roman Candle
This isn't the Wes Anderson one (Elliott Smith), the Good Will Hunting one (Either/Or), the major-label radio blitz (XO), the iconic artwork one (Figure 8) or the posthumous canonization-coronation one (From a Basement on the Hill). I guess that makes Elliott Smith's least-heard record the "influential" one.

7. The Delgados - Peloton
Apparently Pitchfork gave this an 8.9 in 1999, and the review actually helps shed some light on who this might've been, well, influenced by: "the Delgados' pristine pop does owe something to the sound of bands like Belle and Sebastian." The author also writes that the Delgados' Glaswegian scene owes a debt to the Pixies and Sonic Youth, and praises Peloton's use of orchestral instruments. That would almost be a legitimate claim for an influential albums list...if it didn't already list far more wide-reaching albums by Mercury Rev and Sufjan Stevens. And none of this explains the absence of the Flaming Lips, who actually boast longevity, sales and enough iconicity to have won them the honor of having a tune be legislated into the Oklahoma state song. Have the Delgados even won that kind of recognition in their native Scotland?

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