Those "Influential" Albums Being Discussed on Facebook? They're Garbage


8. Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around
That's right, Johnny Cash was deeeeeeeefinitely at his most influential in his near-death throes covering Nine Inch Nails and Simon and Garfunkel. You do that, list.

9. I Am Kloot - Gods and Monsters
Can even fans of this band name someone they "influenced"? Or for that matter what they even sound like? A cursory listen pitches them somewhere between the Go-Betweens and Muse. Because that's just what the world needed: literary prog-pop. This stuff is to England what Creed is to here. At least listing goddamn Alt-J would've had the logic of winning the Mercury Prize behind it.

10. The Pretty Things - S.F. Sorrow.
I don't know what this is but it's missing the phrase "36 Chambers" and can go fuck itself in the nostril.

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epac666 topcommenter

"No rap." Um...that's a good thing.


Mazzy Star - So That Tonight I May See is a classic. I would have taken the quiz but it involves dopey Facebook which I refuse to get involved with.  I do own all of the ones pictured. And yes, The Chameleons were an awesome band. Overall these lists are good for one thing - checking out music you may have overlooked. But getting mad and whining about it.....


Seconding the comment on the Chameleons. They are an essential listen.


Uhhhh if you're dissing The Chameleons we're not friends anymore dude.


So this quiz made you mad enough to write this article? All lists like this are garbage, even the ones posted by the Village Voice. ---->insert "U GOT MAD" jpg here.


A Facebook friend took this quiz and proudly posted that he owned exactly ONE of those records. Commenters agreed that the records were just post 60s rock, obscure, hipster, etc., but c'mon -- ONE of those records? If you change the quiz's title to "50 Classic Rock Records and 50 Questionable Ones" it's a bit more accurate, but it doesn't change the fact that if you haven't listened to at least 40 of them (and don't worship at least ten), you just don't listen to music.


Ok. I know this is comment bait, just as the original Facebook list was. But this comment killed me:

The Pretty Things - S.F. Sorrow.
I don't know what this is but it's missing the phrase "36 Chambers" and can go fuck itself in the nostril." 

A journalist should research before making such baseless comments. I fucking love 36 Chambers, but you've just committed a music journalism sin in shitting on S.F. Sorrow making this list. 

History lesson: The Pretty Things were one of many early British rock bands. Founding member Dick Taylor was an original member of the Rolling Stones. They started off sounding rather similarly. But The Pretty Things embraced the psychedelic scene at its birth, and in 1968 they released the masterpiece known as S.F. Sorrow. Released on the same day as The White Album, Let It Bleed, and The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation, the album wasn't nearly as successful as any of those records. Partially because the band opted not to tour the US. But S.F. Sorrow is the regarded by most experts as first concept album. Also, considering it is one of the earliest and greatest psych records, I'd say it's pretty damn influential. 

If you're gonna criticize the stupid influence list, why not mention early blues? Rock music wouldn't exist without it. How about Sam Cook? Eric B and Rakim? Bo Diddley?

This was clearly some British kid's list of favorite albums or something. Are they sure as hell ain't the most influential records of all time. But at least the vast majority of them are great.

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