Juelz Santana on His New Album: "It's Time To Follow the Leader Again"

You mentioned being where you need to be or feel where you belong. Do you regret the time taken off? True you stayed somewhat visible but it did impede your momentum, no?
The time off was definitely a long time. I know people are looking like "Damn." I wasted time that I can't get back and I blame only myself. And I said it's where I belong because hard work beats talent. Niggas outworked me so that's why they're where they are but they ain't got my talent. So it's time to just get right back into working. And right now it feels perfect. It just feels right. Besides, there's always room for a real nigga.

I saw a blog post of you and Un Kasa smoking blunt after blunt. Do you think weed hinders your output?
No, not at all. When I was putting out the most work I was smoking heavy and drinking lean heavy. I'm going to use Wayne as an example. He had some of his biggest, brightest years when they was saying he was on lean and how it's the worst. If you're smokin' weed and you doing nothing all day, that's not 'cause of the weed, you just lazy. Weed can make some people lazy, but I just got used to working on weed. You train yourself because you gotta work. But really it's about knowing your body and knowing yourself. Learn what you can do and what you can't. I don't do liquor. I do the bubbles, maybe a little Ciroc mix on occasion but that's it. It's all about willpower too. That determination like "I'ma do this, I'ma conquer this, high or not."

True. So when can we get another song with you, Cam and Jimmy on it?
We're working on making it that happen. I'm with whatever. We've been talking about things. It was always more than music with us so we all just have to get back into that space. But again, I feel like the time is just perfect right now. This is the time for everything.

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