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It's been nearly a year since rapper/spiritual guru Lil B blessed the hallowed halls of New York University with his unique brand of lecture, and electronic provocateurs Silent Drape Runners are marking the occasion by throwing "I'm Lil B," an event that they're describing as "A #Rare #Based Live Re-Soundtracking Discussion and Party." The duo are promising a night featuring a re-scoring of Lil B's NYU lecture, a panel discussion and a dramatic reading of B's tweets tonight at Brooklyn art space 285 Kent.

We spoke to members Russ Marshalek and Sophie Weiner about how this party came together, and what Lil B means to them.

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What made you decide to throw a Lil B party?
Russ: I have been thinking about this since the NYU lecture. We, as a band, are most known for doing a re-soundtracking of Twin Peaks, that's where the name Silent Drape Runners comes from. Basically, I couldn't go to the lecture last year, but I was watching the videos and reading the Fader transcripts the next day and thought it was something I'd love to re-enact or re-soundtrack. I feel there's a lot of amazing sentiment in it, as well as a lot of theater, and that's something Lil B does really well. Over Thanksgiving, I had a lot to drink and realized it had been about a year since the lecture and began thinking what could we do to have a Lil B party? Things just happened from there.

Sophie: He's such a weird and unique artist that, we know personally a lot of interesting people that have a lot of thoughts about him, so it seemed like an obvious thing to do.

How were you both first exposed to Lil B?
Russ: I remember when Rain in England came out. I downloaded it and listened to it, that is his "new age" record. Nothing struck me other than this was a dude who was going for anything that was in his heart or mind at the time. It didn't immediately resonate with me at all, but I kept seeing him and coming back. For every three mixtapes of his that he'd release, there would be five songs that stayed on my iPod and that fascinated me. He's one of those characters where the more famous he gets, the more platforms he got to speak the more interested I became in him and that kind of what started this obsession. I haven't deleted anything he put out in the past year.

Sophie: I first heard about him through a screenshot of a tweet of his. Way before I ever heard any music of his, I saw his tweets circulating because they're really weird and they're everywhere.

How has it been re-scoring the lecture compared to re-scoring Twin Peaks?Russ: I, personally, am a lot less stressed about this. The edit of the Lil B lecture that we're doing is a third of the length of the pilot of Twin Peaks and the joke is what can you do while watching the opening credits of Twin Peaks? And Lynch fans are ridiculously intense. So, that whole thing was an intense experience, but it's been a lot of fun. I'm really excited.

Sophie: The way that we usually do this is we create the re-soundtrack out of other songs and samples and stuff and do a few live songs, so my part in the re-soundtracking is waiting for my part and seeing how it fits into everything else. I think this one's going to be really fun because there's so much in the lecture itself to be amused by and entertained by and there's not a lot of pressure on us. Not that much happens in the first episode of Twin Peaks, there's a lot of crying.

Russ: And there's a lot less crying in the NYU lecture.

Sophie: I think this one will be a little more fun.

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